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Junior Golf

Junior Golf Programs

At Del Mar Golf Center, we offer a variety of instruction for our Junior golfers including private lessons, drop-in classes, camps over the Summer, and after school programs in the Fall.  Click here to learn more about the Junior Programs at Del Mar Golf Center

Junior Private Instruction
Our #1 goal is to track the development of the student and customize the best individual course of action for success.  Enroll in any of our Junior Programs here

Our private instruction classes include:
1 on 1 private teaching that accelerates the learning process
Video is used during all private lessons
Juniors are prepared for play on the golf course faster, enabling them to shoot lower scores, build self-confidence and have more fun!

Our 2020 Junior summer camps are scheduled

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Independent Study Physical Education 2020

Del Mar Golf Centre offers Independet Study Physical Education for middle school and high school.

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Junior Golf

The Junior Golf Camps at Del Mar Golf Center are designed to teach junior golfers about golf and physical fitness in a fun-filled, friendly atmosphere that makes learning golf easy and exciting. Sign up for our FUNdamentals camp ( 4 - 7 years) or our SMASH Camp (8 - 13 years).

Junior Golf

Group golf classes are a great way to introduce your junior to golf in a relaxed and social setting. They will be running, jumping, hopping, throwing, hitting balls and putting. We develop athletes and GOLFERS!

Independent study - Physical Education

Find out about our rates and requirements for Independent Study Physical Education 2018 - 2019.

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The Academy at Del Mar
?Golf Centre

The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center is our ongoing program in which your young athlete can develop their athletic and golf abilities.

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The Academy Mission

The Del Mar Golf Center's Junior Academy strives to foster a love for the game, develop athleticism and create skills to become an outstanding golfer.

This program is based on a comprehensive Long Term Athletic Development model. Juniors will learn golf skills and be challenged athletically. The games and physical activities your children will participate in are teaching golf skills, competition, and athletic development.  Learn about the program details here

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