It might be time for you to waggle

Matt Terzo, PGA Instructor at the Del Mar Golf Center shows why many tour professionals use a one-piece takeaway "waggle" instead of a traditional waggle.
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We will be OPEN during the Fall Race Meet

The Range will be open regular hours.
Thank you, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Stop going over the top, today

Going over the top when you swing is perhaps the most common swing fault amongst golfers. It occurs due to an overuse of the upper body on the downswing. As a result, the club kicks outside the ... See more

Perfect your driving range routine

Start by warming up your golf muscles with half-swings by hitting one of your wedges or short irons. This will help get you in the rhythm and build your feel. Then move on to your middle irons. Once ... See more

Correct your posture and your swing will be more solid

Your mother was right!

Check your posture and make sure you have the proper posture to
hit solid golf shots.

Here is Del Mar Golf Center Director of Instruction, Bob Bellesi to ...
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Congrats to Alice on her hole-in-one!

It is great to see our juniors grow and progress in their golf skills and life

One of our favorite stories is about Alice Koontz. Alice has been attending our weekly Academy classes for ...
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This is the weekend...

You've all been waiting for!
Multi-vendor fitting event.
Free club fitting.
Special fitting day deals.
And the more you shop, the more you save.
$2500 in raffle prizes.
This ...
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What's better than the right equipment AND better pricing?

There's no downside to our Fitting Day Sales Event

This is the one opportunity to get fit with the right equipment for YOUR game!

Have fun!
And the more you shop, the more you ...
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Free Outdoor Fitting Day Sales Event

The Golf Mart and Del Mar present:
September 27 & 28
Vendor fitting hours: 10am - 4pm
Trade-in your old clubs and get 50% toward the purchase of new clubs.
Clearance apparel!
Shop ...
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What are you doing this weekend?

Join us for our KAABOO Music Festival
Please note our Driving Range and Surf's Up Cafe will be closed on the festival days: See more

How much improvement do you think you could make?

What is the result you'd most like to achieve with an improvement? And finally, how much improvement do you think you could make?

Try and answer those questions WITHOUT thinking about ...
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Last weekend to enjoy the races

Saturday, August 31st
Range closes at 1pm - last ball sold 12pm

Swing, snap and share

It's time to get snapping and capturing your golf adventures! If you've attended any of our events or played a round of golf, please share your stories and photos with us and you could be featured in ... See more

Enjoy the Pacific Classic this Saturday

Range closes at 1:00pm - last ball sold at 12:00pm.
Click here for the full schedule:

Inject more joy into your game

How heartbreaking for Lizette Salas at the British Women’s Open. She came to the 18th green with 5’ to nail a birdie and a chance to finish 18 under. The ball stayed up, leaving her on 17 under. The ... See more

Compete and feel like a Pro!

Is traveling across North America to give players of all caliber a chance to compete in the biggest series of putting tournaments in history. The ultimate goal ...
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Happy 4th of July

We hope you enjoy your 4th of July and the weekend that follows. Make golf part of your celebration. Better yet, make golf with your family part of your celebration. And remember, if you want ... See more

Pelly’s and the Café will be closed Saturday, June 29th – July 4th

They will reopen July 5th at 8:00 am.
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Why do you want to be better?

You need to think through WHY you want to play better golf. What is the emotional experience you want to enjoy or pain you want to remove by playing better? If you want to travel the journey to ... See more

How would you like to drop shots from your scorecard?

This week it’s the US Open at Pebble Beach. For most of us watching live golf the sport seems a mile away from the game we play.

Hitting huge tee shots is well beyond the potential of most ...
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Your swing is worth remembering

If you had an interesting experience on the course, let us know. We'd love to share it with everyone.