Fitness with Milo

Programs and Pricing

Small Group Training

$329/month OR $229/month (up to 5 classes).

The small group training will feature 2 – 4 individuals who receive personalized training in a small group setting. Athletes get in better shape together by creating their own small group (up to 4 people) with friends, family or co-workers.  Athletes can also join existing groups.

Athletes are able to attend any of the ELEMENTS or ESSENTIALS classes and the ELITE classes, too, provided they satisfy the ELITE qualification numbers.

Each Small Group membership includes the “Complete Fitness & Nutritional Assessment”.

Small Group Personal Training

$329/month: Unlimited small group personal training each month. No more than four people per training session. No fewer than two people*

$229/month: Up to five (5) small group training sessions per month.  No more than four people per training session. No fewer than two people

Large Group Training


Unlimited group fitness classes per month.

Athlete number depends on class designation.

The Ultimate Personal Training Experience

The One-on-One training gives the most individualized attention and focus. You share the goals. Together, we will figure out all of your strengths and weaknesses. Coach Milo will design a program to address each weakness and enhance the strengths. 

Expert Performance Preparation: $8,000/month. 
The Expert Performance Program is great for the person
looking to become more athletic for a specific sport, recovering from injury, who has serious medical concerns, or anyone who wants to build muscle, loss fat and gain athleticism and confidence in an unobtrusive setting.  This program includes the features above, as well as unlimited one-on-one trainingexclusively with Coach Milo.  Book your Expert Performance Program with Milo here.

Unlimited one-on-one training with Milo:  $2,000/month.

Five (5) personal one-on-one sessions:  $600/month.

Milo Bryant is an advisory board member of the Titleist Performance Institute and regularly appears on the Golf Channel’s “Golf Fitness Academy.” Milo is a co-author of “Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies” and also writes a physical fitness column.  Book a Fitness Session with Milo here

But mostly, Milo spends his time working on that doctorate degree in movement-induced laughter and fun!