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The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center

Erin McKinley Grehl talks about The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center

Erin McKinley Grehl
Erin is so excited about the results she saw from The Academy with her son, Turner. Watch the video now.

Cory Henssler
"We have had a wonderful experience at the Academy at Del Mar Golf Center. My 8 year old daughter started classes just a few months ago and loves it. Matt, Milo and Don are so amazing with the kids. It's so much more than learning the game of golf, these coaches are instilling a love of physical fitness as well. Matt and Milo are obviously passionate about not only helping them have a lifelong love for the game of golf, but they make it super fun. My daughter looks forward to going to class every week! I would highly recommend this program."

Richard Powell
"My son came into the Academy at the age of 4. He has four older brothers so he has grown up rather quickly, so to speak. Coach Matt and Coach Milo began working with him and within a few weeks of lessons I noticed a huge difference in his swing and athletic ability. Dane is now 5 and swings with a near perfect stance. The Academy at Del Mar has given him a true love of the game of Golf. We look forward to the future of working with these coaches."

Teresa Piner
"I am pleased and honored to be writing this testimonial for Matt Clay and Milo Bryant for The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center. My daughter, Zoe, 6 years old, took ballet and gymnastics for the past several years but has never participated in other sports. When I heard about The Academy program, I was curious about how she would take to it, therefore, I signed her up in May 2014, and then, enrolled her in the summer camp that was 2 hours, every day for 2 weeks.

"The Academy program began in August. It is now January; as I reflect and watch Zoe, I realize that The Academy program, Matt and Milo, have helped Zoe transform into an athlete. An athlete who has coordination, strength, and can swing a golf club and can plank up to 4 minutes (with a brief break)! Zoe loves the program, the games and adores Matt and Milo. I am so thankful for Matt and Milo and appreciate everything they do for her and the other children!"

Robbie Cardwell
"The Junior Golf Academy at Del Mar is a very well rounded program for kids.  In just a few short months I have noticed that my 5-year-old son Ian has become more athletic, in that, his coordination and strength has increased considerably allowing him to swing the golf club more proficiently.  In addition, his passion for the game of golf continues to grow and he looks forward to class every week.

Coach Matt, Coach Milo and Coach Don are patient, encouraging, and engaging with all the kids.  It is apparent their hearts are in it for the kids and they love teaching and inspiring their students and at the same time pushing them to give their best effort.  I look forward to continuing to see my son Ian grow into an athlete and golfer with the help and guidance of the Academy.  I highly recommend The Academy not only to help your kid learn to golf but to also become an athlete that has respect, passion, and an understanding of the wonderful game of golf."

Tracy Carsten
"The Academy has been an enjoyable experience for my son. He looks forward to it every week. Even though golf is an individual sport it is nice for him to practice with the same kids every week. Being able to play on a golf course with a coach is a bonus. The staff is wonderful with the kids."

Didi Sellemi
"I must admit I had my reservations about the amount of attention my kids will get in a group of more than 10 kids. However, just like any other sport, the coaches make the difference between mediocre and superb. Thanks to coaches Matt Clay and Don Rasmussen my 9-year-old twins not only learned a lot for the 4 months they have been going to The Academy, but they also had fun while doing it. The coaches are wonderful with the kids and are able to excite them about their game by offering praises, rewards and humor. The program is very well managed. The kids are divided into small groups that rotate, this way every child gets the attention they need. In addition I believe that the inclusion of coach Milo's boot camp is significantly improving my kids performance and general physical condition. 

Thank you coaches for creating such a functional, positive environment, and exciting my kids about the wonderful game of golf".