Coach Testimonials

Bob Bellesi

Bob has helped and continues to help me with every aspect of my game. Taking golf lessons from him is a pleasure and has improved my game,
raised my confidence and lowered my handicap.  I highly recommend Bob as a golf instructor.


I have been taking golf lessons from the  Grand Master Bob Bellesi for over 20 years and he has helped me get out of some deep funks many times. He has a great sense of just how to fix my swing and I owe him a lot and not just money. We also have become good friends and he has a great sense of humor which helps relive the tension in my golf swing.

Roger Peterson

Bob is a first class golf instructor.  He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to his work.  He is an excellent teacher because he is patient, consistent and  highly skilled as a golf instructor.  He finds the problems with my swing and then goes to work fixing them.  We keep working and repeating drills to fix my stubborn habits like raising, swaying, blocking, etc., until they go away.  I finally have a good driver swing that I am happy with.  I have improved 100%, thanks to Bob.


Don Rasmussen

My daughter has been playing golf since she was five years old, with many ups and downs along the way. Over the years working with a few different instructors, she improved the most dramatically and found the most joy playing the game in her time she spent working with Don Rasmussen. He was able to spot the areas of her game that needed the most improvement and fix the issues in several different ways that made sense to her. Thanks to the way Don teaches and the enjoyment he brings to the game of golf, my daughter is playing Division 1 College golf!

Tom Beykke

Don is simply the best.  I have been playing golf now for 12 yrs and when I first started I got a few lessons from another instructor and after the lessons I almost wanted to never play again.  I decided to just teach myself and use my own athletic ability and I have been able to make great improvements.  When I wanted to take my game to the next level, I knew I needed an instructor who would help me. I wanted someone who would help me and my swing and not try to change my swing to fit their coaching model.  Don did exactly that.  I have had a number of lessons with Don now, and each time I can tell that he gives me advise so that I can improve: but only gives it to the extent that will feel natural or to the extend he can tell my swing will be able to handle at the time.  He explains things in an easy to understand manner and provided some great drills that I use today when I warm up.  If you are a player who wants to take your game to the next level I would highly recommend talking to Don!

Jesse M

“I have been working with Don for nearly 12 years. His approach has been very simple for me and always focused on the fundamentals. Don helped me understand my golf swing and how to make changes on my own while I was away at college. Don has a passion for seeing golfers improve and is always willing to help in every way possible. I not only learned the game of golf from Don, but he helped me with the game of life as well. He was always there when I needed his help and I know that every golfer will benefit from their time spent with Don.”

Katrina Hegge

Idaho Golf Association

Junior Golf Manager

Tim Hart

At the beginning of this year, I was ready to quit golf and literally gave my clubs away.  After trying to play through an intermittent but persistent case of the shanks that lasted almost two years, I thought my days of playing golf were over.  My friends and wife convinced me to give things one more try, so I returned to taking lessons from Tim Hart at the Del Mar Golf Center, from whom I had previously taken a few lessons over the years.

Tim’s watchful eye and precise instruction did the trick.  He diagnosed the problems (more than one) and gave me the corrections I needed.  Importantly, Tim didn’t try to make my swing perfect, just better and more consistent.  He explained the tips he wanted me to try, and why they would work.  And they worked.  Over the course of the past year as I got more comfortable with his instructions and gradually got more consistent with the changes he gave me, the improvement was dramatic.  I fully credit Tim for getting my index into the single digits and for what turned out to be the best tournament year I have ever had, which included several wins at club events and my best-ever finishes at SCGA events, the SCGA’s 2016 Tournament of Club Champions among them.

I have already recommended Tim to friends and they have had the same experience I did.  Tim quickly finds the things that will make the most difference, provides the instruction that makes players better, and explains how to implement the changes in a way that is easy to grasp.  The thing that really makes Tim a great coach for a weekend amateur is that he doesn’t try to turn your swing into Adam Scott's or anyone else's – he works with your swing and your physical abilities to make your ballstriking more consistent and better.  Better shots, lower scores, more fun, and some winning rounds:  what more can you ask of a swing instructor?

Al Pak

When I started working with Tim, I was a 5 index.  I was looking for someone who could give me an edge to take my game to the next level.  It took a little time but my index is now 1.7 and my game is holding up under tournament pressure.  Tim has a great knowledge of the swing and has helped me tremendously.


1.7 index

I recently took my first lesson from Tim.  I've worked with other teachers in the past and Tim offers a fresh approach.  I now feel confident that I have a teacher that I can depend on and bounce ideas off of in the future.


New Student

I'm a Senior in High School and started taking lessons from Tim at the start of my Junior year.  It wasn't easy at first, as my goals were high and the plan Tim laid out for me was pretty demanding.  I now feel that most of the hard work is over and I'm getting ready to go play golf in college!  Thanks Tim!


Kevin Weishan

Over the years I have been to numerous instructors and Kevin without a doubt is the best.  He has a wonderful understanding of the modern golf swing, a great ability to communicate and teach it, and most importantly a disciplined, consistent, and systematic approach to getting you there.  Numerous golf pros go from bandaid to bandaid, which does not take much skill, and does not make your game better and might make it worse.  If you want bandaids I am sure Kevin can give them to you, but if you want a better golf swing Kevin is one of few pros that can give you that as well.”


Kevin Weishan is a good golf swing coach and teacher because he is able to apply several methods to communicate with his students.  When one suggestion seems ineffective, he knows another way and often several other ways.  He is an effective teacher because he is a competitive player as well as a student of the golf swing.  He knows what problems a student faces and he remembers how he overcame those obstacles.  That insight is invaluable to a struggling golf swing student.


I was at Del Mar when Kevin offered a free video lesson. Wow, what a difference! I can't believe how well I'm hitting the ball. The guys in my regular foursome are amazed. I'm hitting the ball longer and straighter than I have in ten years. I hit a couple of shots 30 - 40 yards past them and they are all low single diget handicaps. I'm in the San Diego area 4 or 5 times a year and I will definitely be taking a full lesson the next time I'm there. What I liked most about Kevin's approach,  is that he showed me what I needed to work on, and not his "theory" of the golf swing. I like that because everyone is a bit different and one theory, I believe, doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Kevin has made the game fun and exciting for me again.


Matt Terzo

I have taken many lessons in Florida, San Diego, and also Texas.  Matt is the first golf pro that has explained the golf swing, and it actually made sense! I now know exactly what I need to do to make my swing better.  Thanks Matt!

Bryan B.

I have taken a series of lessons from Matt, and they were very productive.  Matt is a very good teacher with a very simple to understand method.  He won’t overwhelm you like some teachers do with physics and geometry; he concentrates on posture and balance, relaxation, and timing. If your swing is all bound up because your brain is getting in the way, he’s very good at untying those knots.